The Flight Attendant Uniform: Iconic Fashion and Style

The Flight Attendant Uniform: Iconic Fashion and Style

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Even though the face of aviation and the role of the flight attendant has changed dramatically over the years, the iconic status of the flight attendant uniform has remained a constant.

I remember one of the instructors during Continental Airlines training reading us the uniform guidelines from the 1960s. Back then, stewardesses were required to wear a girdle and carry their luggage in their left hand. Only their left hand.

Times have changed but flight attendants are still the face of the airline and their biggest branding tool. Although some of the rules are different, uniform guidelines are still specific. From the height of her heels, to the length of his sideburns, every part of a flight attendant’s appearance has a guideline that must be followed.

Although the uniform code is strict, following it has become easier now that the airlines have begun collaborating with the most posh and stylish designers creating trends today. These uniforms from Virgin Atlantic, Etihad Airways, Virgin America, AirFrance, AeroFlot, China Eastern, Emirates, Air Canada Rouge, Qantas, Hawaiian Airlines, easyJet, and British Airways highlight high style.

Check them out and let me know which uniform is your favorite?

Need more? Check out these uniforms from Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.



Photo Credit: Cheapflights

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