Flight Attendant Career Connection Interview Workbook

This workbook, written by Abbie Unger,  is treasure maps designed to guide and direct you to your dreams come true.  After you complete the workbook you will understand interview strategies and know how to succeed. The STAR interview method, which is the style of interview used by most airlines, will be explained in clear and easy to understand terms. Newly updated to include over 35 real airline interview questions plus space for you to write out and perfect your interview answers.

The Interview Workbook is divided into four sections:

  • Personality questions
  • STAR format questions
  • Onboard situation questions
  • “Tell me what you think” questions

As a bonus,  a mock announcement is also included for you to practice reading aloud and become more comfortable using airline terminology.

This workbook does not contain any answers, but will assist you as you discover what you want to say during your interview.


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