Dream Lifter Package

Are you ready to become a flight attendant?

Are you ready to do it all?  Are you ready to make an investment in your dream?

Are you willing to leave no stone unturned and you chase after your future?

Then the Dream Lifter Package is for you.  From a resume rewrite to get your foot in the door, to coaching sessions and books and classes to educate and inspire you, this package has all the tools you will need to get started towards your goal. And more importantly, reach it.

The Dream Lifter Package includes:

  • A digital copy of my Ebook: Looking Skyward: Turn Your Flight Attendant Dreams into Reality
  • A digital copy of the FACC Interview Workbook (with bonuses!)
  • I’ll create a personalized, airline ready resume so you can start applying right away
  • 1 thirty minute Strategy session with me via Zoom or Facebook Video Messenger (covers goals, next steps, and advice on how to highlight your experience)
  • 2 hours of interview coaching (can be in 1 hour or 30 minute blocks)
  • Access to the Southwest Airlines Intensive training (pre-recorded, includes worksheets)
  • Access to The Confidence Class (pre-recorded, includes worksheets)
  • Access to Focus On: STAR Format (pre-recorded, includes worksheets)

This package is $497

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