Resume Service

The first step to landing a job as a flight attendant is to make sure your resume is airline ready. Your resume should be getting you interviews. If you are not receiving invites to a phone or video interview, you must rework that resume!

Flight Attendant Career Connection offers two service to help you get you get your resume ready.

$145.00 – Resume Re-write 

Are ready for a professional, personalized, airline ready resume that will help you rise to the top?

I can help! When you purchase a resume re-write, you will receive a custom, original, personalized resume written by Abbie Unger.

Your new resume will highlight your airline relevant experience and include the keywords that will get your resume noticed.

$30.00 – Resume Review

Have you finished your resume but need another set of eyes to look it over? Eyes that know what the airlines are looking for.  A resume review is what you need.

Here’s how it works. Email me your finished resume after you have made it “airline ready.” Once I review it, I will send you an email with suggestions of changes you should consider making including grammar mistakes, format inconsistencies, job descriptions that are unclear, and keywords that may be missing.

Purchase your review here: Buy Now


If you decide to move forward with a full rewrite after purchasing a review, the $30 will be credited toward the rewrite fee.

If this is interesting to you, send an email: