Abbie Unger’s Mornings Australia TV Interview

Abbie Unger’s Mornings Australia TV Interview

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A few weeks ago, I was in a fitting room at Talbots, trying on white jeans. It was my birthday and my mom and I had just gotten our nails done and we were spending the rest of our free time shopping. The jeans were perfect.

After I put my own clothes back on, I checked my phone for new notifications and I saw I had received a tweet from a morning show in Australia. They had read the Huffington Post article I was interviewed for and they wanted to interview me!

Fast forward 5 days and that is exactly what happened. I was interview on Mornings Australia.


You can watch my interview here.


Abbie and the Producer at Studio Z.


I’m ready for my close up.

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  1. Hi Abbie my is Guissella I’ve worked for charter airlines but my dream is to work in united airline..I have in many big airlines and I keep getting turn down..I don’t know what to do anymore..I really don’t want to give up my dream..I have fix my resume many times but I just don’t get lucky..can you please help me?

    Guissella Gomez

    October 24, 2014


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