Feeling Lost? Well, No Path is Straight!

Feeling Lost? Well, No Path is Straight!

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Dreams are a funny thing, you know? As you pursue them, they can take you down paths you never thought you would follow or paths you didn’t even know existed. I talk with people all the time who end up at an airline that that wasn’t their first choice and they realize now that they are exactly where they should be.

In fact, I ran into a flight attendant a few days ago that I hadn’t seen in six years. The two of us had worked together at PSA Airlines, and I heard they had made the move to Southwest but seeing him on the ATL plane train in his SWA uniform, where we could chat for a few minutes, was so cool. And then he told me his story, he left PSA about two years ago. He had received an offer from Delta! What an accomplishment! And then he made an 89 on the final exam, falling short of passing by one little point. I wish I could say I can only imagine how he felt, but having been terminated by United after only two weeks of flying, I know pretty much know exactly how he must have felt. But he is at Southwest now and he said to me, “Looking back, I realize Southwest is such a better fit for me. I’m happy now that I didn’t get end up at Delta.”

No one’s path is straight. There are bumps and curves. And there is disappointment. But if you keep trusting your gut, chasing your dreams, and doing your absolute best to nail every opportunity you are presented with, you will be livin’ the dream.

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