Free 4-Part Interview Skills Training

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Join Abbie Unger LIVE in the Flight Attendant Career Connection Facebook group as she teaches a free interview skills training beginning Sunday 2/11.

This class uses the FACC Workbook as a textbook and will cover four different styles of interview questions:

  • Personality questions
  • Onboard situation questions
  • “Tell me what you think” questions
  • STAR format questions (Yes! Free training on the infamous STAR format.)

The free training will be taught live:

  • Sunday 2/11 @ 8 pm eastern
  • Monday 2/12 @ 11 am eastern
  • Tuesday 2/13 @ 11 am eastern
  • Wednesday 2/14 @ 11 am eastern

Each class will last about 30 minutes and the replays will be available in the FB group if you can’t join us live.

Having your own copy of the FACC Interview Workbook will make this class 100% more valuable. The workbook has over 35 interview questions and will allow you to master the new interview skills you will be learning during the free training. You can get an instant digital download for $25 by visiting this link.

The workbook has been newly updated for 2018 and comes with three free bonuses: a copy of the Amazon bestseller Looking Skyward, a special video interview guide, and a list of city codes. Get your workbook today and start reviewing the questions to be primed and ready for class on Sunday!

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