Get Your Foot in the Door: Resume and Keywords

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You know that saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”?

It is so true when comes to the resume for a flight attendant candidate. Unlike other jobs, where you can go into an office and meet with a hiring manager, or have a friend put in a good word for you, flight attendant candidates all start out on a very level playing field where they are asked to apply through a website and submit a resume that will either open a door for them to move forward, or move them into the “we’ve decided to pursue other candidates” pile.

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And did you know that a lot of the time candidate resumes are not even reviewed by a human, but instead are processed through a special computer system that looks for certain key-words. Because a computer cannot reason the same way we as humans can, it is very important for your resume to be cleanly formatted and full of those key-words.

Getting key-words into your resume does require a little finesse, but don’t over think it. Most of the words you need can be found in the flight attendant job description. Words like: customer service, team work, flexible, dependable, safety, security, problem solving, multi-tasking, time management, communication. See, no surprising words here! We sometimes make it too difficult by trying to sound extra fancy and include phrases that are not easily recognized by the computer. For example, I have seen “attend to patrons” which is a key-wordless way to say “provide excellent customer service.”

Bottom line: you know you have what it takes to be an outstanding flight attendant.

Don’t make it harder than it has to be to highlight those amazing skills in your resume.

No amount of phone calls, emails, or hand written thank you cards can make up for a sub-par resume. That’s why FACC offers resume services specifically geared toward aspiring flight attendants. I want you to feel as confident as you can when you click “submit.” And I want that confidence to continue when you had the recruiter a copy of your resume at the face to face interview.

A resume review is an easy and affordable way to make sure your resume is all that it should be. For the review, you will email me your completed resume (I recommend you watch these videos for tips first) and I’ll review it. Once I’ve read it, I’ll email you back my thoughts and suggestion to make it even better.

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To learn more about a resume rewrite, visit this site. 

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