How to Answer a Flight Attendant Interview Questions ~ Week 8

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Me Tuesday

It’s time for another Tell Me Tuesday!

Once a week I ask you a question straight from the Flight Attendant Interview Workbook and I share the answer I  would give for this question. You can also watch a video of my answer below, but check out the YouTube Channel, too.

Remember, this answer is just to inspire you. Everyone has different experiences and skills so your answer may be similar to mine, or it may be completely different. Leave your answer in the comments and I’ll give you some feedback. Good luck!


What would you do if you noticed a passenger was nervous about flying?

Well, I know this happens from time to time and I would first tell them that I understand.  I would start up a conversation….ask some questions about where they are going and what they will be doing….I know talking can help take their mind off it.  I would also make sure I checked on them throughout the flight and answered any questions they might have. I’ve also found that a smile can go along way in making someone feel better.

So, that’s what I would say if I was interviewing. You can get more practice with the Flight Attendant Interview Workbook which is available as an instant download for just $17.

The Video is Coming Soon!

Do you think this is the right thing to say?  How would you answer?





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