How to Become a Travel Agent

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Do you love to travel?

Of course you do, right?  I mean, why else would you want to become a flight attendant?

From time to time, I am asked if I know of any other jobs a flight attendant can do to supplement their income, or if I know of any jobs that can scratch that travel itch while you are waiting to earn your wings.

Well, as a matter of fact, I do have an idea for you: start your own travel agent business with YTB Travel.

I first discovered this opportunity when I responded to Mary George’s ad in the Flight Attendant Career Connection Facebook group.  Y’all know I’m very careful about who and what is advertised in the group.  Mary George was quick to answer all my questions and share this exciting opportunity with me.

Starting a business with YTB Travel is not a good fit for me right now, but it could be a good fit for you.

Basically, it is a multi level marketing business that sells travel.  Once you buy into the business you will have your oven travel page that works sort of like Orbitz.  Your friends and family and any strangers you can get your page in front of can purchase travel (at the small great prices that they would find on other discount travel sites) and you’ll earn a commission! Click here to take a look at Mary’s.

Like all multi level marketing companies, you have the ability to make some real money pretty quickly through recruiting people to join your team.  You will need to be good with people, too, because hopefully you’ll have a big team soon.

Basically, if you love people and you love to travel this could be a great fit for you. As a travel agent, you can earn money through selling travel and you can earn travel, too.

If you are not interested in starting your own business right now, please keep Mary’s site in mind when you purchase your next hotel room, cruise or rental car. (And like her on FB)

If you think this opportunity sounds interesting…. Click here to watch a quick video that will lay it all out for you.  And email Mary…she would love to talk to you and answer questions.  Tell her FACC sent you and she’ll give you a voucher for a discounted trip as a special gift just for checking out this opportunity.

Where are you going on your next trip?



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