How You Can Help Keep FACC Great

How You Can Help Keep FACC Great

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Thank you again for being a part of Flight Attendant Career Connection!

Did you know this community has help 1000’s of people achieve their dreams and land a job as a flight attendant?

FACC would not be what it is without the support of its members. Here are a few way you can help keep FACC a safe, vibrant, encouraging, and helpful resource for aspiring and current flight attendants.

Make a donation

Buy a travel coffee mug (they are amazing) One for $20 or a 2 pack for $30 includes shipping!

Add to Cart One for $20

Add to Cart Two for $30

Buy a workbook

Book coaching

Buy some shoes

Thank you again for supporting and contributing!

Fly Safe and Keep Looking Skyward,

Abbie Unger

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