September Newsletter

September Newsletter

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Shiny New Wings Spotlight:
Nicole and I have been working together for a while now. She bought the DreamLifter package several months ago and even though she was ready to invest monetarily in her dream, she wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge. As she got her life ready to change careers, we worked through all the Dreamlifter package offers. (Resume rewrite, books, and coaching) When United sent her an interview invite, she was ready!
A few weeks ago, Nicole attended her first face to face interview and I am happy to announce she is currently rocking it at United training.
“Thank you, Abbie! For your smile, your encouragement and support. You are an outstanding coach and I am proud you are my mentor. Could NOT have done it without you! Thank you so much! “






Hello Dreamers and Flyers,
I don’t know about you, but my life has changed dramatically over the last few weeks. I had my third baby on July 23 (Baby Jet is doing great and he’s getting excited about his first plane ride which is coming up in Sept)  and even though I took a break from coaching and resume rewrites for awhile, I’m back and ready to get you ready for your interview. Take a minute to imagine where you could be in six months…

Who’s hiring?
JetBlue is accepting applications for english only and Spanish speaker flight attendants. This link will probably not be up much longer, so hurry up and apply! Really….don’t wait, just go for it.
United Airlines is hiring English, Portuguese, Hebrew, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, and Japaneses speakers and have been hiring a lot on interview day. They recently added a video interview. Their video has a mix ofSTAR format and other questions (the last one is “Is there anything else you would like United to know about you?”)
So many regionals are hiring as well. With a regional airline you will have a lot of the same perks and benefits as a larger airline, but you will work shorter routes and on smaller planes. Training and reserve is usually shorter, too. Check out theairline listings on the FACC website to start applying.

This month’s free monthly webinar will be Thursday, Sept 10 at 9 pm eastern. The webinar will be live on Periscope (download this app to you phone and follow @AbbieUnger) and on Google Hangout. You will receive an email with log on information closer to the start time of the webinar. As always, the replay will be available on YouTube. If you missed last month’s webinar you can watch it here:Aug Webinar. Have a question for me to answer this month? Just send me an email.

September is always a sobering month for flight crews. On Sept 5, 1986 Neerja Bhanot, a Pan Am flight attendant, gave her life as she used her body to shield 3 young passengers from a spray of hijacker’s bullets.
And on September 11, 2001, we lost too many of our brothers and sisters in wings, again at the hands of terrorist hijackers. This horrible event forever changed the face of air travel and we will never forget those that became heroes on that day. Of all the innocent people who lost their lives on that day, the first to give her life was a flight attendant. #NeverForget

The flight attendant profession is a noble one and you should be proud that it is your dream to serve, comfort, protect and if necessary, sacrifice all, as a flight attendant.

As always, I am here to help and answer questions. If you are not on the email list, sign up here!

Fly safe and keep looking skyward,
Abbie Unger
Looking Skyward: Turn Your Flight Attendant Dreams Into Reality

PS Follow me on Twitter, too so you never miss a Q and A on Periscope

FACC  Interview  Workbook

This workbook is treasure maps designed to guide and direct you to your dreams come true. I explain interview strategies and the STAR interview method in clear and easy to understand terms. Newly updated in 2015 to include over 35 real airline interview questions plus space for you to write out and perfect your answers. The book is divided into four sections: personality questions, STAR format questions, onboard situation questions, and “tell me what you think” questions. I’ve also included a mock announcement for you to practice reading aloud. This book does not contain any answers, but will assist you as you discover what you want to say during your interview. Order here for only $20.


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