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Do you have your sights set on joining the LUV airline?

Are you dreaming of a pair of wings with heart?

Is Southwest Airlines your #1 goal for 2018? 

Then this 90-minute, live, online intensive was designed for you.

Did you know…

Southwest is known for hiring for personality and attitude, then training for skill.

So what does that really mean for you? It means you need to be as knowledgeable and passionate about the Southwest culture as Southwest is! (It also means you can charm them with your personality and they’ll give you the needed skills so your career can take flight!)

Over 7 years ago, I started researching Southwest Airlines. At the time, I was a PSA flight attendant, living in CLT, and expecting my first baby. When I heard Southwest was going to begin service to my hometown airport CHS, and then saw that they’d also just posted an open position for a Ramp Supervisor, I felt like the stars were aligning. You see, my husband Jason was currently a supervisor for American Eagle and the possibility of being able to move home and work for one of the best airlines was too serendipitous for words! All we had to do now was figure out how he could beat out the competition for the one open position in CHS. That’s when I started digging into Southwest, the culture, and what they were looking for.

I remember sitting on the couch and reading the ramper’s contract aloud to my husband as we marveled over the strong work ethic that the ground crew had. The more I learned about Southwest, the more excited I became. Within a few weeks(or months?), Jason successfully completed a phone interview with the People Department (SWA HR) and was invited to a face to face interview in CHS with the Station Manager and another member of the People Department. I continued to devour everything I could get my hands on and communicate all I was learning to Jason. On February 16th, about two weeks after the interview in CHS, Jason and I were sitting at Carrabba’s celebrating Valentine’s Day (late because flight attendants are never home on holidays!) and he got the call we had been waiting for. The job was his!

Since the inception of Flight Attendant Career Connection, I have helped hundreds of clients successfully navigate the Southwest interview process. And I want to help even more this time around by offering an affordable, focused Southwest Intensive Training Program.

“Abbie was the wind beneath my wings….and as a bonus became a good friend through the journey. So worth the investment….priceless!” C.C.~SWA FA

“Abbie! I leave in 8 days for SWA FA training! THANK YOU! Your amazing guidance, coaching and support is part of the reason my dream is coming true! I along with my Class 361 Co-Hearts GRADUATE May 12, 2017! GOD HAS BLESSED ME BEYOND MY WILDEST IMAGINATION!” T.M.~SWA FA

“To each of you out there who are looking to begin your career in the airline industry …. The 1st thing you should do is invest in a visit with Abbie Unger. She has a wealth of knowledge. If you start with her you are starting out on the right foot!! Good luck and follow your dreams!!” S.W~SWA FA giving advice on Facebook

The Southwest Intensive Training Program will include:

  • A recorded live 90-minute class taught online by me
  • An interactive Q and A session
  • A special worksheet designed to help you become even better prepared for the Southwest process

During this 90-minute intensive we will cover:

  • The history of Southwest Airlines
  • Southwest Culture
  • Southwest Core Values: What they mean and how you can adopt them as your own
  • What it means to work the “Southwest way”
  • Southwest pay, scheduling, and reserve for flight attendants
  • Resume Tips
  • Application Tips
  • What you need for the background check
  • Phone interview training
  • What to expect at the face to face in DAL
  • Tips for being successful during Southwest training
  • Fun and informative Southwest Lingo

This Southwest Intensive is $99 and the recording is available for purchase.

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This recording will only be available for a limited time. Claim your spot today!

If you are dreaming of working for Southwest, then you need to get intense about preparing yourself. Southwest Intensive: Register Today!

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Disclaimer: Please note,  I am not an employee nor am I affiliated with Southwest Airlines. This class is not endorsed by SWA. All opinions are my own.

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