Stop Dreaming, Start Flying Program

Stop Dreaming, Start Flying Program

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Do you dream of soaring to new altitudes with a career as a flight attendant?

Are you ready to take-off, see the world, meet new people, and do work that is exciting and rewarding?

Are you frustrated with the time and energy it takes to search the internet for HOW to realize your flight attendant career dreams… only to find yourself second guessing what you find?

Are you at the beginning of your journey, excited but unsure of where to apply and how to get noticed?

Are you applying like a boss only to find yourself unable to close the deal during the face to face interview?

Then you, future flight attendant, are in the right place!

Hi my name is Abbie Unger. And I know what it feels like to watch the sky, become emotional at the sound of a jet engine, and want so badly to be up there in that airplane. A little over ten years ago, I landed my dream job as a flight attendant with a major carrier. Life, as you know, has its ups and downs and a few years after I earned my wings, I got married, moved, and left aviation. It wasn’t long after life settled down again that I found my heart longing for the smell of jet fuel. I knew exactly how Leonardo da Vinci must have felt when he said, “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”Thankfully, I was in a position to jump back into the aviation industry and accepted a job from a small regional carrier. About six years ago, I once again hung up my wings when my first child was born. This time, however, I didn’t leave the industry completely. Instead, I wrote my first book, Looking Skyward: Turn Your Flight Attendant Dreams into Reality. That book grew into a company and four years ago, I launched Flight Attendant Career Connection.

Over the last four years, I have had the opportunity to help thousands of people achieve their flight attendant career goals.

My diverse experience in the aviation industry as both a mainline and regional flight attendant as well as an inflight instructor has allowed me to offer advice and instruction through books, coaching, videos, live conferences, and resume services.

I know how amazing it feels to have those shiny wings pinned to your chest at graduation. I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible experience that feeling or pride and accomplishment.

Your dream is worth investing in.  Your goals are worth investing in. And your future career is worth investing in!

I can attest to that as well. I hadn’t had ANY job interview in 13 years, much less an FA interview, and I landed the CJO on the first try! Abbie’s coaching is definitely advantageous and so worth the minimal fee – you won’t regret…Laura

Abbie  is an absolute angel, having helped me takeoff with a new aviation career twice, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your work and this page. Matt

I just have to say…I went to my f2f with PSA in CLT on Friday. I have been so nervous in any other interviews I have been on. After sitting down with Abbie Unger before my interview…I felt SO confident…I wasn’t nervous. If anyone needs help with coaching…support…etc. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE look to Abbie for help.Honestly, guys it was a big difference in the way I approached my interview. CJ

I got three job offerss thanks to Abbie. After being a business owner and a field sales rep for a feed company I found myself wondering what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I started looking into being a flight attendant. I applied to some airlines and started to get emails back inviting me to a open house. I knew I was in need of help and I found this group on Facebook. Started reading posts and made contact with Abbie about getting coaching. I can tell you without her help and guidance I would have failed. I went to my interview scared but feeling confident that I knew what I was doing.  Thank you Abbie Unger for all you do. Without you my dream would out be reality. Roger

Introducing The Stop Dreaming, Start Flying Program

I created this 6 week program to support men and women like you who are READY to stop feeling grounded and START taking flight as a flight attendant!

My 6 week program will show you the exact steps to achieve your dreams! Program starts Sept 27.

This six week program includes: 

  • One live, 60 minute class each week to include in-depth instruction, laser coaching, and group activities
  • Weekly homework assignments and quizzes to get the juices flowing for training
  • Special video interview training and practice opportunities
  • A resume rewrite
  • A printed copy of the FACC Aspiring Flight Attendant’s Handbook
  • A list of airport city codes, aviation terms and slang
  • A copy of the book The Flying Pinto’s Flight Attendant Survival Guide by Sara Keagel
  • One hour of one on one coaching with Abbie

PLUS, when you enroll by Wednesday, Sept 13 at 2359 ET, I’ll personally gift you these incredible bonuses worth over $100– for FREE!

  • A FACC Travel coffee mug
  • (1) Bonus 60 minute private coaching session

Total Program Value: $1,750

Your Investment: $897

Early Boarding Pricing: $448.50 (enroll before 9/25 )

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To help you decide if this program is a fit for you and your dreams, here are some Frequently Asked Questions…

What will I learn during the program?

Each week you will have the opportunity to participate in a live and interactive 60 minute class filled with instruction and coaching. The topics we will cover include:

  • History and structure of the aviation industry
  • Understanding contracts, pay scales, flight time, and per diem
  • Reserve life and commuting
  • In-depth video interview training complete with practice and feedback
  • Applications and online assessments
  • Qualities vs qualifications
  • The STAR Format
  • Group interview strategies
  • Common mistakes to avoid during an interview
  • What questions you should ask during the interview
  • What to wear for your interview
  • Preparing for a successful training
  • Studying and test taking skills
  • Packing and hotel hacks
  • And more

What if I can’t make the live class?

No worries, you will receive access to the replay so you can listen when you have time.

I’ve heard negative things about flight attendant school, how is this different?

Flight attendant schools are not necessary for aspiring in the USA and they are expensive. Once you accept a job offer with an airline, they will send you through their training program and teach you everything you need to know from how to serve champagne to how to fight a fire. Flight attendant schools can actually make training more difficult because you may find yourself relearning new policies and procedures. This program is different because it is not designed to train you as a flight attendant but instead to coach, motivate, and instruct you to become the best flight attendant candidate you can. We will talk about how to successfully interview and brush up on study and test taking skills, but I’ll leave the training to the FAA certified instructor at your future airline.

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