The Best Travel Coffee Mug

The Best Travel Coffee Mug

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A good travel coffee mug is one of the most versatile item in a flight attendant’s tote bag.

It keeps my latte hot long enough to enjoy a few sips before and after boarding without having to drink it lukewarm. It makes it possible to transport hotel coffee from the lobby, onto the shuttle, and through security without a crushed paper cup or otherwise losing that precious brown liquid. And if tea is your preferred beverage, even better. Did you know most coffee shops in the airport will give you hot water for free? And of course the galley will bless you with as much hot (potable) water as you need. All you need to add is your travel mug and your favorite teabag. (I totally wish I had a cheap hack like this for coffee, but at least in my mug I can enjoy my $4 latte hot.)

I use my coffee mug for so much more than coffee or tea, though. On days I have an early flight, I’m not always ready for breakfast before leaving the hotel, but I know I’ll be hungry at some point, I fill my mug with hot breakfast, seal it up, and enjoy a hot (and free) breakfast when I’m ready. (Usually right after the safety demo.) My personal favorite is biscuits and gravy, but eggs, bacon and country potatoes make a nice breakfast bowl. Or break up pancakes and add butter and syrup. Oatmeal (especially the fancy kind where you get to add your favorite ingredients) is always a good choice. Don’t for get the silverware!

When you are choosing a travel mug, there are a few things to consider.

1) The Lid. The lid needs to one that seals well and screws on so you won’t loose the entire contents instantly if it gets knocked over. Also one hand operation is important. You only have one hand free when rolling your luggage through the terminal.

2) The Material. A metal cup is best. Plastic doesn’t hold up as well and metal is super easy to clean. On the plane, rinse  well with hot water and stuff a few paper towels inside the cup before screwing the lid back on. Once you get to the hotel, you can wash and dry the mug more thoroughly.

3) The Insulation. Some cups are no better at keeping your stuff warm than a paper cup. so What’s the point? Copper insulation is best. it won’t break like glass and works so much better than air.

When I decided I wanted to offer a product I knew it had to be something that would not only look good but  be practical. I chose a travel coffee mug that is a winner on both the looking good front and the super practical front. And I could not be more excited to introduce this flight attendant approved travel coffee mug.

There are so many mugs available and I made sure I picked a mug that would be perfect for Flight Attendant Career Connection. It has a flip closed sealing and locking lid to keep your beverage where it should be. Inside the mug! But even though it has a seal and lock lid, it also has a button that allows it to be opened with one hand. No more “pulling over” in the airport with your luggage to open your travel coffee mug with two hands. The mug keeps cold stuff cold for sixteen hours and hot stuff hot for eight hours.

Remember I told you it looks good, too?

The mug is flat black with aqua accents and this quote:IMG_0745

For most people

the sky is the limit.

For those who fly,

the sky is home.

And I love this quote on the side. It doesn’t scream “I’m a flight attendant!” instead it offers inspiration and honors our love of flight.

Order Today!

The cost of the travel coffee mug $28 and that includes shipping anywhere in the USA.

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You can order 6 coffee cups for $120 and of course shipping is still included!

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